Are You Losing Money Due to Inaccurate Billing?

Do You Know the Actual Cost of Your Billing Operation?

Do you know the health of your medical practice business? Here's a great opportunity to get a free annual checkup for your practice. Take our 5-minute business survey and get two valuable in-depth codes and operational cost analysis reports at no charge!

doctor writing_info_downOur reports are designed to help make practices aware of possible billing problems they are experiencing with rejected or delayed claims due to improper coding and/or inaccurate claims processing.

Billing Cost Analysis Reports:

Find out the cost of in-house billing versus the cost of outsourcing. Two reports can be presented to you: cost-analysis-report

  1. Comprehensive Practice Analysis report demonstrating the actual cost of the entire in-house billing operations.
  2. Claims-Only analysis report. This report compares the clinic's in-house billing cost to the cost of your service based on claims only.

Our analysis takes into consideration a combination of the various direct and indirect costs incurred in processing claims in-house, such as:

  • Labor Costs including benefits
  • Postage, Claim Forms, and Envelope Costs
  • code-analysis-report
  • Error Rate
  • Administrative and Billing Costs
  • Rental Overhead
  • Time Value of Money
  • Systems Upgrades & Maintenance
Code Analysis Report:
  • Medical code review
  • Dental code review
  • Combined medical and dental code review

Our code analysis takes into consideration the following elements:

  • CPT and CDT codes currently used by the practice
  • Average Revenue per Code
  • Average Frequency of Code Usage

We'll present you with a report detailing the status of each analyzed code and a summary of findings, including any potential loss of revenue.

Please contact us to see how we can help you increase practice productivity.